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Scotts Lawn Pro Weed and Feed

You will be on your way to a greener lawn with S...
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You will be on your way to a greener lawn with Scotts® Lawn Pro® Weed & Feed Control Plus Lawn Fertilizer. It controls over 50 common lawn weeds including dandelions, clover, chickweed, ground ivy, lambsquarter, morningglory, mustard, purslane, ragweed, sow thistle, and others as listed. At the same time, this Scotts® weed control feeds your lawn for a thicker, greener turf. You'll start to see results just days after applying, as weed stems and leaves will begin to twist and curl. (Tough weeds may take up to a month for complete control.) Use on bahia, bermuda, bluegrass, centipede, fescue, ryegrass, or zoysia lawns. The application of these yard care granules is easy: simply use a Scotts® broadcast, rotary, or drop spreader to apply when weeds are actively growing, the wind is calm, and the grass is moist.


What effect are you going for?


Get the timeless look of traditional lights that stay lit for 3,000+ hours.

Available in:

  • Clear (pictured)
  • Multi
  • Color+Clear™
  • LED

    Enjoy the same warm glow as traditional lights with bulbs that won’t burn out.

    Available in:

  • Candlelight™ LED (pictured)
  • Multi
  • Color+Clear™ LED
  • Micro LED

    Create a stunning display bathed in delightfully small energy-efficient LEDs.

    Available in:

  • Clear Micro LED (pictured)
  • UltraBright Micro LED

    Select a small but powerful LED to make your Christmas brighter than ever.

    Available in:

  • Clear UltraBright Micro LED (pictured)
  • LED Fairy Light

    Create holiday magic with tiny sparkles of light and nearly invisible fine wires.

    Available in:

  • Clear LED Fairy Lights (pictured)
  • Twinkly Light Show

    Choose striking preset effects or customize your own show—right from the app.

    Available in:

  • Twinkly Light Show LED (pictured)
  • Fiber Optic Light Show

    Animate dazzling clusters of multicolored fiber optic lights at the touch of a button.

    Available in:

  • Fiber Optic Light Show LED (pictured)


    Complement your Holiday Décor.


    Dress up any style with beautiful lights that are sure to make it picture-perfect.

    Pictured: Candlelight™ Clear LED


    Make your holly jolly decorations extra cheery with a festival of holiday colors.

    Pictured: Multi LED

    Color + Clear™

    Choose clear, multicolored or both to suit your mood. Plus, enjoy 30% more lights.

    Pictured: Color+Clear™ LED

    Choose Between:


    Decide how easy you want to make it.

    Standard Setup
    (for prelit trees)

    Like traditional Christmas tree lights, the pre-strung strands plug into each other.

    Easy Plug™
    (for prelit trees)

    With light connectors inside the trunk, just plug it into the wall and voilá.

    Pictured: Candlelight™ Clear LED with Easy Plug™

    Simple String™
    (for unlit trees)

    Outlets are conveniently embedded in the trunk — add as many lights as you wish.

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