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Big Green Egg

Large Big Green Egg Hardwood Acacia Table Basic Package

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The centerpiece for your outdoor kitchen has arrived. This stunning solid Acacia Hardwood table combined with the Big Green EGG will be the envy of all your friends and family. The Big Green Egg can Grill, Smoke and Bake anything that your culinary heart desires to perfection. If your looking for the highest quality and most innovative outdoor cooking product on the market today, look no further!


  • Large EGG: 26.875"x23.5"x27" - 182lbs
  • Acacia Table: 62.5"x26"x8.25" - 80lbs
  • Table Nest: 20"x3.125"x1.25" - 20lbs
What's Included:



Product Price
26140 Large Big Green EGG $999.99
54737 Large Acacia Table $659.95
33494 Large ConvEGGtor $79.95
93144 Table Nest $36.95
26158 100% Natural Oak & Hickory Lump Charcoal $27.99
26160 Ash Tool $18.95
26164 Grid Gripper $18.95
28104 SpeediLight Fire Starters $7.99


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