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The Sullivan Express with non-stop service to PumpkinTown has arrived at Allisonville Home and Garden by Sullivan!

The Journey

Your journey starts at central station where you'll board one of the five Sullivan Express trains operating on the PumpkinTown rail. Once aboard you'll enjoy our Halloween train ride as it makes its way through our enchanted forest filled with not-so-scary creatures doing some pretty unusual things. Once we clear the woods, we'll head around the south side of PumpkinTown making our way toward the train station. Before we reach the station, we should be able to catch some of the circus along with a couple other surprises before we reach PumpkinTown.


As the Sullivan Express pulls into the PumpkinTown Station, you may notice a lot of activity going on. For starters the mayor of Pumpkintown will be there to greet you and your fellow travelers. He'll point out the attractions of our Halloween wonderland. After that, you're on your own to explore and enjoy PumpkinTown. Maybe you'll want to catch our magic show with one of our PumpkinTown magicians. How about some trick-or-treating in our 4 house mini sub-division?

Feel free to hang out at PumpkinTown for up to 45 minutes before re-boarding the Sullivan Express back to Central Station.




PumpkinTown will have delicious fall treats for purchase for both the kids and adults!


Say hello to the Mayor of PumpkinTown, watch a magic show, or have a dance party!


Trick-or-Treat with some of our friendly monsters, decorate a pumpkin for $4 (proceeds go to charity) and take lots of pictures for family!


How do the tickets work?

Just like Christmas Sullivan Express, you'll purchase one ticket for one train car. You can fit as many family/friends as you would like. A typical car holds 4 adults and two children.

Tickets $50 per car, on sale Sept 1st at 4pm.

What's included with your ticket?

A round-trip ticket through the enchanted forest with a visit to PumpkinTown. They'll be trick-or-treating, coloring, dancing, a fun magician, and lots of photo opportunities!

Any extra expense?

For additional cost snacks and beverages for kids and adults will be available. You can also purchase a pumpkin to decorate for $4. All pumpkin proceeds go towards a local charity.

How long is the ride?

15 minutes total!

How long can I stay in PumpkinTown?

You'll have up to 45 minutes to experience PumpkinTown.

Rain or Shine?

Sullivan Express to PumpkinTown is an outdoor experience that operates in the rain. The train cars are enclosed. Please dress for the weather.