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Custom Outdoor Kitchens

by Challenger Designs

Features & Benefits

Based in Nappanee, Indiana, only a couple hours from our stores, Challenger Designs creates fully customized kitchen sets with expert class and speed. Offering a variety of built in features as well as customizable options and add-ons, Challenger Designs outdoor kitchens are built to fit your exact needs. Just like an interior kitchen, cabinets will come fully assembled for quick installation.



Integrated Back Panels

Powder Coated Textured Black

Drawer Boxes with Full-Extension Drawer Slides

Integrated Shelf System

304 Stainless Steel 9" Pull Handles

304 Stainless Steel Adjustable 4" Legs

Customize Your Ideal Kitchen

When building out the base of your Challenger Designs custom outdoor kitchen design, you have the opportunity to customize your cabinetry layout, cabinet colors, countertop colors, cabinet door style, and custom add-ons.


We will help walk you through designing each one of these options to get the exact look you want!

Custom Layouts


Built to fit any patio, pergola, breezeway, porch, pool house, or other indoor-outdoor space. With the help of our staff and your hired contractors or designers, you'll easily be able to choose between hundreds of cabinets and accessories to get the most out of your space!


Weathertight, Waterproof Storage

All Challenger Designs kitchen cabinetry features sealed doors and drawers to ensure weathertight, waterproof storage. For the appliance cabinets that require ventilation, our design team has skillfully constructed these pieces to eliminate water entry.

Our durable powder-coated drawers are easy to clean and provide a great place to store grilling tools year-round. All cabinets have finished back panels, and finished side panels (when specified) at no additional cost.

Each grill, refrigerator, or sink cabinet is built according to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure a perfect fit, every time.


Match Your Appliances

Each grill, regrigerator, or sink cabinet is built according to the manufacturer's specifications to ensure a perfect fit, every time.

Cabinet Colors

Challenger Designs offers a full catalog of cabinet modules to create customized options.

Cabinet Options Include: Drawer Bases | Door & Drawer Bases | Sink Bases, Bar Seating | AND MORE!

Countertop Options

Countertops are a major contributor to the overall feel of your custom outdoor kitchen. Challenger countertops are made from 100% aluminum aside from the Brushed Stainless Steel option.


Customers are able to source their own countertops, also. Whether granite, cement, wood, or other compatible materials, you can work with your contractor or source of material to include that in your kitchen design. For official pricing, you will need to know exact thickness.

Cabinet Door Options

Standard Door

Also called Pan Doors, flat panel doors are a popular modern door option. Their simplicity fits many design schemes. The minimalist design creates balance to fit into traditional, transitional, and contemporary looks. Pan doors are great option for those who prefer a sleek and clean design.

Shaker Doors

Shaker doors provide depth and an eye-catching feature to your cabinet doors. With easy maintenance, they are popular for both traditionalists and modernists. In addition,the affordable mid-range cost of shaker doors adds even more value to this already praiseworthy cabinet design.


20" Towel Bar Handle

Chrome finish, multi- purpose, easily applied to cabinet sides/fronts.

Bar Tops with Supports / Risers

Capable of matching countertop color

Clip-On Toe Kick Kit

Provides a finished, sleek look. Keeps dust and dirt from under cabinetry.

Countertop & Backsplash

Comes in 304 Stainless Steel or Powder-Coated Aluminum.

On Demand Water System

Portable system for water where plumbing is absent.

Prepped for Alternative Countertops

Cabinets are ready for countertop surface of your choice.

Sink & Faucet Options

Standard & Premium Stainless Steel available.

Interested in Transforming Your Outdoor Kitchen?

For prices and information about designing your Challenger Designs custom outdoor kitchen, email Joe Sullivan at joe@sullivanhardware.com.


While the cost is dependent on what is included in the kitchen, prior to the cost of appliances, baseline materials typically run around $1,000 per linear foot.

For custom builds, you can typically expect a delivery date 10-12 weeks from the order date. All kitchens will arrive assembled ready for installation.

Yes, all custom kitchen come assembled ready for installation.

Yes, you may work with your contractor or designer to source different material for your kitchen. To understand pricing, you will need to know your exact countertop thickness.


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