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Why Our Trees?

The Difference is in the Details
Real and Aesthetic Look

Embodies natural evergreen branches

Premium Quality

Crafted with care to ensure our trees live with your family for years to come

Exemplary Warranty & Support

10-Year Structural Warranty | 5-Year Light Warranty | Repairs & Support

Experience the Quality

We are dedicated to creating generational memories at Christmas, and no stronger memory comes to mind other than gathering around the tree on Christmas morning. Offering over 115 unique trees of various shapes and sizes, we take pride in our selection of some of the most realistic and elegant trees on the market. At Sullivan, we design every aspect of our trees. From shape to needle count to color and the lot of 'em. Touting customers who have used our trees for decades; yes, you read that right - decades; our trees are built to stand the test of time.

A Focus on Realism

Every tree has been designed down to the last detail by our designers. From the natural shaping of the needles to the new growth branch tips to mimic real evergreens. Through our injection molding process of high grade polyethylene, we have full control of the shape, density, and color of our branches. Consistently perfecting our designs through the years, we take pride in how truly realistic our trees are.

Lights Built to Last

Our lights are where we set ourselves apart from the rest. With many lighting systems, when one bulb burns out, so do the rest. This is because the voltage that was being sent to the dead bulb is now being spread to the rest of the lights. This adds stress to the remaining bulbs causing them to die out more quickly in a snowball effect.

Our SmartLit bulbs that come pre-strung on all of our Non-LED models recognize when a bulb has gone out and adjust accordingly. When the bulb goes out, the electrical current bypasses that bulb. With the bulb bypassed, the electrical current can flow through the remaining bulbs at a sustainable voltage. This allows our lights to outlast the competitors and you to spend less on replacing your lights!

We also carry models which use LED bulbs. Our LED-lit trees are foot pedal operated to turn on and off, and our LED Color Change models can switch from white to multicolor by using the foot pedal or by using an included remote.

Warranty & Support

Sullivan Hardware & Garden offers a 10-Year Limited Structural Warranty on all new Christmas trees and a 5-Year Limited Lights Warranty.

The Structural Warranty covers the replacement of broken branches, trunks, and bases. Exclusions Apply.

The Lights Warranty covers any malfunctions in the lighting systems such as faulty electrical connections, a string of lights failing to emit light, or wire damage due to error in manufacturing.

Sullivan offers repairs to Christmas Tree sections in-store which is included in the warranty. We simply ask you to cover shipping. If repairs are necessary for your tree purchased thorugh Sullivan, you can call our store during business hours to get ahold of a specialist.


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