Sullivan Santa Express

The Sullivan Santa Express will take you and your family on a memorable trip to see Santa at the North Pole!

All aboard to visit Santa!

The 2018 Santa Express will be better than ever!
Ticket Sales open November 1st at 4pm


at Central Station

Your family will check in at Central Station located in the greenhouse at Sullivan Hardware & Garden’s 71st & N Keystone Ave store in Indianapolis. There is a play area for the kids while you wait for your reserved departure time. When the train arrives, your family will be seated together in one car.

The short train ride is open-air so dress for the weather!

Christmas Fun!

Christmas is our favorite time of the year and we want everyone to have their fill of Christmas fun.  Warm your fingers and fill your tummies with hot chocolate and cookies! Watch model trains as they travel through scenic towns and mountainscapes. Wander through the enchanted Christmas tree forest and shop for your loved ones in The Yellow House!
Back by popular demand! Santa is hosting The North Pole Comedy Club featuring nationally known comedians

North Pole Comedy Club Information



To enhance your family’s experience, we have extended the train ride to the North Pole and have added a third train!

Enjoy popular features from previous years as well as some new adventures along the way. After leaving the station, the narrated train ride will travel through bear country where you’ll encounter some friendly bears doing some rather unusual things. As the Sullivan Express leaves the woods, enjoy the smell of fresh greens as our North Pole-bound train moves through the Sullivan Christmas tree lot. As the train gets closer to the North Pole, there is a small problem that leads the train on a new course and some unexpected surprises… that you’ll have to see for yourself!

Upon your arrival at the North Pole, the kids can play in Santa’s workshop as your family takes turns visiting with Kris Kringle himself. Afterward, you will catch the next train back to Central Station.

Make your reservation for the Sullivan Santa Express beginning November 1st at 4pm. Seating is limited.
The cost is a reasonable $50 per family. That’s right – the cost for the whole family, including parents and kids is $50. There is a reduced rate Tuesday-Thursday, Dec 4th-6th and Dec 11th-13th before 5pm.


  • A purchase quantity of 1 ticket includes space in one car for your entire family… parents and kids. Don’t purchase by the number of people…that will cost a lot more!!
  • If space is available in your car (seats about 4 adults), Grandma and Grandpa can ride too. If no space is available, the rest of your party can join you at the North Pole… by hoofing it on foot.
  • You be the photographer. You take all the photos you want with your camera or phone… we don’t want to be blamed for a bad Christmas photo!
  • Once you leave the station, your trip will last approximately 30 minutes.
  • We run 8 trains per hour (2 per reservation time) that can accommodate 4 families each.
  • Rides on the train are available when Santa is not in for $5 per person ($20 per family maximum). Check our FAQ page for more about “Open Ride” times.


FAQs & Open Rides

Sullivan Express - Santa Hours

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Santa's Busy
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