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When it comes to those special times of the year when we invite friends and family into our homes, presentation means a lot. We all celebrate the holidays a little differently, but there are still certain standbys that can make a real difference around the inside of your house. The obvious centerpiece for most of the holiday season is going to be your tree. For plenty of families, the hassle and inconvenience that can come along with finding and putting up a live evergreen tree is simply aggravating. Not only is there the issue of sourcing a tree of the right style, which can be difficult depending on where you live, there are also all of the other considerations that come along with having a live tree in your home. A living evergreen tree in your house is going to need daily care and maintenance, and will introduce other potential problems such as cleanup, allergies and fire hazards. The good news is that Sullivan Hardware & Garden has you covered for all of your holiday artificial tree needs.

Not Your Everyday Artificial Tree

Understandably, when a lot of people hear the term artificial tree their memory flashes back to unsightly silver-leafed relics that grandma and grandpa would haul down from the attic every November. Those days are gone. Our catalogue of indoor evergreen trees includes a huge range of options that span every species of natural tree you can imagine. Whether it is pines, firs or spruces, we stock them all. This means that your holiday gathering can have the perfect centerpiece of your choosing, without the hassle of maintenance and year-after-year purchasing. Maybe you are looking to find a recreation of the type of tree that your family would celebrate the holidays with when you were younger, but Rocky Mountain Pines are difficult to come across in Florida. Today, we are able to provide beautiful replica Virginia Pines and Dakota Firs to our customers that recreate the feelings of childhood. All of our trees come with guarantee warranties and come in a variety of sizes and needle-styles that are sure to meet your needs.  Of course, a long-lasting and elegant indoor tree is also a perfect housewarming gift for friends and family.

Making Memories with Sullivan Hardware & Garden

Don’t just think about Sullivan Hardware & Garden for your own decorating needs around the holidays, our artificial trees are the perfect way to make memories as gifts as well. The artificial trees that we offer are easy to setup and store once the holidays are over and make decorating with the family much easier. No more sap, no more running for water, no more worrying about leaving the lights on too long, no more cleanup up needles.

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