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Sullivan Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Program

Want to Upgrade your Christmas Tree but Dread The Effort of Dealing With It? Join our Christmas Tree Storage, Delivery, and Installation Program TODAY!

Skip the Heavy Lifting!


Are you worried about getting your tree set up and taken down each year? Are you having a hard time figuring out when you're going to find the time to put your tree up during your busy schedule?

Relieve yourself of the hassle and join our Christmas Tree Storage Program which includes storage of your Christmas tree, delivery and setup, and pick up and take down of the tree. One less thing on your list to think about this Holiday Season!


How to Join


To be eligible, your tree must have been purchased during the 2022 Holiday season. Upon your purchase you will be able to opt into our program, and we will work together with you to schedule your delivery and set up.


Interested in storing your Christmas tree with us?


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Christmas Tree Storage Program FAQ

The program includes delivery of your Christmas tree to your home or location, set up of the tree, and take down of the tree after the Holiday season. We also store your tree in our warehouse during the off season from time of take down to next year's set up.

Upon purchasing your new Christmas tree, you can opt into the program with one of our store associates.

The annual cost of storage, install, and take down is $31 per foot. (Example: A 10' tree would cost $310 per year)

Once you are a member in the program, you must use both set up and take down services to be eligible for off season storage.

During your first Christmas season after purchase (Time of purchase to end of take down season), you are eligible to sign up for the program even if you initially opted out of the set up. You must still use the take down service for storage eligibility

For instances where one service is used but not the other, the cost for the set up is $19 per foot, and the cost for take down is $12 per foot.

You will work with one of our team members to get on our schedule for your installation and takedown. Appointment times are available from 8 AM - 5 PM on Monday through Friday. The service runs from October 3 through January 31.

We start scheduling on October 1 every year. Set ups typically run from November 1 until Christmas, and take downs typically run from Christmas until January 31. Just call into our 71st & Keystone location (317) 255-9230 to get on our Calender.

When you call (on or after Oct 1 each year) please have this information ready: your SET UP date, TAKE DOWN date, the SIZE of your tree and have PAYMENT information ready.

We typically revoke eligibility of trees around the 10 year mark. Factors that contribute to ineligibility are an inability to repair or consistent malfunctioning of structural features, lighting features, and material of the trees.

We are able to send technicians to your home to work through minor repairs. For larger repairs, we have you bring or send in the malfunctioning section of your tree, and we will repair the section at an additional cost. Availability of our technicians may vary.


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