We TRY to stay up to date with our flower selection, however these flowers are NOT ALL the flowers we have, AND these flowers may be sold out at times. So call before coming in for specific flowers! We have so many it is very hard to keep up!

Supertunia: Lemoncello

Supertunia: White

Supertunia: Picasso in Purple

Superbells: Dreamsicle

Supertunia: Blue Skies

Supertunia: Latte

Superbells: Lemon Slice

Supertunia: Purple Velvet

Superbells: Grape Punch

Bacopa: Aromance Pink

Superbells: Over Easy

Lobelia: Laguna Compact with eyes


Superbells: Double Orchid

Sunsatia: Coconut

Superbells: Double Chiffon

Nemesia: Sunsatia Lemon

Superbells: Yellow

Bright Lights: Pink

MoonLight Night & White Night

Diamond Frost

Vermillionaire: Firecracker Plant

Bacopa: Snowstorm Giant Snowflake

Euphorbia: Diamond Snow

Bacopa: Snowstorm Pink

Bacopa: Snowstorm Blue

Begonia Planters

Come in Orange, Pink and White

Geraniums Planters

in Pinks, Red and White and a variety of sizes

Begonia Hanging Baskets

Proven Accent: Rockin Golden Delicious

Gerbera Daisies Red

Gerbera Daisy Yellow

Gerbera Daisy White

Gerbera Daisy Pink

Gerbera Daisy Burgandy

Gerbera Daisy Orange

Angelwing Begonia: Dragon Wing Red

Angelwing Begonia: Dragon Wing Pink

Santa Cruz Begonia

Cleome: Senorita Blanca

Cleome: Senorita Rosalita

Globe Amaranth: Triffula Pink

Hippo Rose

Hippo Pink

Hippo White

Nemesia: Sunsatia Lemon

Nemesia: Sunsatia Blood Orange

Wondering Jew Hanging Basket

Proven Accent White Licorice

Proven Winner Mezoo Trailing Red

Many Hanging Baskets

variety of sizes and flowers

Salvia: Rockin Playin the Blues

Salvia: Rockin Fuchsia

Salvia: Rockin Deep Purple

Nemesia: Sunsatia Hanging Baskets

Coleus: Colorblaze Rediculous

Coleus: Colorblaze Lime Time

Supertunia Honey

Supertunia Vista Bubblegum

Superbells Miss Lilac

Superbells Pink

Superbells Vista Violet Star

SuperCol Premium Bordeux


Supercol French Vanilla

Supertunia Coral Bells

Capella Pink Veins

Hedliner Stary Night Burgandy

Supercol Cinnamon

Supertunia Suzy Storm

Supertunia Starfish

Headliner Pink Sky

Verbena Pink Frost

Verbena Lascar Purple

Goldilocks Rocks

Sweet Alyssum: White Knight

Sweet Allysum: Dark Knight